painted one-poled tent

This is our first (and rather tiny but still pretty :-) tent... We (my friend Britta and I) were still students when we bought it so it had to be cheap first of all. Still, we had it in use since 2005, I think. It has one central pole in two parts for easy transportation in small cars and a diameter of 4m. As it needs no ropes its packing volume is very small and it can easily be put up by only two people. Actually (since 2007) we were three people in the little tent, which made it a bit crammed... (So this year we decided to buy a bigger new one...)

As the tent looked rather boring and unspectacular (have I mentioned that it is tiny?) when it was new we decided to paint it. The pattern we picked is from this tapestry:

tent with a couple playing cards tent with a couple playing cards

tapestry, c. 1495 Switzerland (Historisches Museum, Basel)

We used standard water-dilutible wall colours (the ones designed for outdoor use), since they were cheap... We picked a dark red and a dark blue colour and used them as-they-were without any diluting. Since then the tent has seen both some heavy rain and sunshine yet the colours are still bright and there was no bleeding whatsoever. So it seems it worked out. Here are some pictures of the painted tent which is now quite the eyecatcher:

painted tent painted tent painted tent

painted one-poled tent

Last winter we bought two big two-poled tents for our Tübingen group, one for visitors or members who had no tent of their own, one to dine in. And they were painted like our little tent - so the design has become quite popular :-) Although we left out the very time consuming wave pattern for the two common tents, at least for now.

painted tent

red "flame tongues" are contagious...

bettina, september 2009