sleeveless kirtle

I wanted a simple, sleeveless kirtle that I can wear beneath my short-sleeved dress and housebook dress. A simple sleeveless kirtle worn over the white linen underdress appears most frequently in 'indoor' pictures:

birth of Mary birth of Mary birth of rochus
birth of John Baptist Schilling Chronik Merkus's children

sleeveless dresses (worn indoors)

Some of the dresses show a seam at waist level (picture 2 and 5), others don't (picture 4). The kirtle in the last picture is laced in the front, the lacing of the other kirtles is not visible. The neckline is rounded (picture 3 and 6). (I like the feeding dog and cat(!) in picture 4... Cats were rarely kept as pets, but this one is being fed. Still, it looks somewhat angry...)

I chose to use lightgreen, medium weight linen for the kirtle. The cut of the dress is quite simple: As usual, the bodice is made up from two front and two back pieces and lined with white linen. I decided to make a waist seam (this saves fabric and I had very little of that green linen) and made up the skirt from six trapezoidal pieces. The kirtle is laced at the side. With Karsten's help, I made a long, 8-loop green and golden silk lace for that purpose. The visible seams are hand-sewn with linen thread.

sleevess kirle, front sleevess kirle, side sleevess kirle, front
side lacing sleevess kirle with duerer dress sleevess kirle with assiette dress

sleeveless (linen) dress

(bettina, october 2010)