medieval finger rings

In January 2009 Karsten and I took a course on the making of jewellery at the 'Volkshochschule' in Tübingen. We wanted to make some finger rings based on medieval sources. There are not that many re-enactment shops selling (good) jewellery and I believe modern rings usually look somewhat different. There are many portraits were the (wealthy) depicted wear finger rings (some of them seem to wear all that they possess for that special occasion). And besides the paintings there is a wealth of finds in museums and on the internet...

clasped hands rings

We both made a 'hand ring'. This design - two hands clasped as the symbol of friendship - was apparently very common and rings like that might have been tokens of friendship. The Victoria & Alberts museum has a very nice example in their collection, it has the classical clasped hands on one face of the ring and on the other there are two hands holding a heart. I tried to reproduce that one, Karsten was happy to have hands just on one side :-) Here are some pictures:

fede ring, V&A museum fede ring, Bettina fede ring, Karsten
fede ring, V&A museum fede ring, Bettina

fede rings